World of So You Think You Can Dance: Creative Editing

Back to the highlights as So You Think You Can Dance‘s second-to-last “Academy” round, whittling the All-Star teams down to two candidates apiece, before the top 10 reveal in weeks to come, brought back a bit more in the way of dance routines. While we’re sorry not to have seen, for example, Fik-Shun’s efforts with his final two, the editing of this set of tap routines between Gaby Diaz and candidates Lex Ishimoto and Evan DeBenedetto was a great piece of comparative study; watch the subtle differences in both connection between partners — worth qualifying, of course, that Diaz and Ishimoto have worked together as members of Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound company — and the airier versus earthier technique qualities for Ishimoto and DeBenedetto:

World of Dance, meanwhile, continued to be a rough ride as yet another three acts were eliminated on the way to next week’s finale. But hip hop choreography and dance couple extraordinaire Keone and Mari Madrid went out on a high note with this high-concept tribute to old Hollywood, to the tune of a Sinatra classic: