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Jacquelyn Thayer is also the editor of companion site Two for the Ice, a focused look at ice dance and pairs figure skating in North America. Her work has appeared on, where she’s been a staff journalist since 2011, and in Dance International magazine; she can also be found on digital outlets unrelated to skating, including DePaul University’s Red Line Project. She has worked in research and administrative capacities with publications including Advertising Age and San Antonio Magazine. Jacquelyn holds a Master of Arts in Journalism from DePaul University.

Follow Jacquelyn on Twitter at @jm_thayer.


Ashley Brown, features

Brittany Kapa, features: Brittany is the assistant editor for The Orland Park Prairie and The Tinley Junction, based in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, and a graduate of DePaul University. She is an avid hockey lover, and is an aspiring sports writer. Follow Brittany on Twitter at @brittanykapa.

Julie Renaud, illustration: Julie is a 24-year-old special education teacher from Montreal with strong interests in fashion, photography and arts. Follow Julie on Twitter at @jolieoligny and check out more of her fashion sketches at Stylish Virtue.

Danielle Earl, photography